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When I go into the studio I rarely arrive with a complete plan. Instead, I allow the process to inform the outcome.  I feel very connected to the natural world, to trees, plants, fungi, and the processes of death and decay that nourish the living world. The physical act of making my work is very therapeutic, serving as an escape and a respite from the stresses of the outside world. Immersing myself in the processes and materials of my art is such a rejuvenating experience that when I emerge from the studio, I may be physically exhausted, but mentally and spiritually restored. I work in 2 and 3-dimensional media utilizing tactile and often messy processes and materials which add to the immersive experience. The physicality of making is integral to my work, sculpting plaster, stone, wood, and clay in both free-standing sculpture and additive sculptural components to canvas. My work is about life, joy, and the relationship between life and growth, and death and decay.  At times the work is contorted and twisted, reflecting the twists and contortions one performs in navigating the chaos of the world which can sometimes feel overwhelming. My work is mostly figurative, with trees, plants and fungi being the most common subjects, twisted and contorted, sometimes lost in fog, they stretch and reach until they find the light and are free to grow.  
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