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My Story

Volare, 2022

Limited edition intaglio print

Graduated from Fayetteville State University, 2020

Since Fayetteville State University is an historically black university (HBCU), do you believe there was an advantage to graduating from an HBCU? If so, please explain

I do believe it was advantageous for me to attend and graduate from an HBCU. As a non-traditional older student, I found both the students and faculty at FSU most welcoming and accommodating. The family-like atmosphere helped make the learning experience a pleasure. The faculty were always available and ready to help and give guidance any time aid was needed and asked for.

Mediums I  prefer:

Clay modeling/Sculpting, Stone Sculpting, Acrylic and oil painting, Relief on Canvas, Printmaking, Ceramics


Art Related jobs in the last fifteen years to the present:

August 2020 – December 2020 FSU Art Department Student Assistant

September 2020 – present, Gallery Assistant Manager / Assistant Curator Ellington-White Contemporary Gallery

July 2023 - present Artist, BeaMags Artisté


Although you work in an art career, why have you remained a practicing artist?

Art has been and continues to be a form of therapy for me, allowing me to leave the cares and stresses of everyday life outside the studio doors.  I love the mess, the physical feel of the materials in my hands, the sense of abandon and losing all sense of time that can come over me when I get into the “zone”. Though at times generating ideas and creating art is a struggle, once begun, experimenting and exploring ideas and media, solving problems, figuring out how to make a process work in addition to the literal physicality of the work serve as a soothing balm, stilling the chaos that is my mind.  


In what ways is being an artist “a way of life" for you?

Art is a part of everything, be it an advertisement, a famous sculpture, a child’s drawing, a flower or a single leaf from a plant. Beauty is art, art is beauty - even when it is ugly. I cannot imagine a life without art, I get to make it, through my job get close to it, to touch and examine it up close making me the most fortunate of beings.

Meet The Team

Hi! It's Me, I'm the team! 

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